May’s poor communication + Corbyn’s poor execution =Conservative majority of 59! (Post-Script: Still pretty happy with the analysis but numbers wrong clearly)

Politicians need three things to be successful: attractive policies they can credibly execute and convincingly communicate.  However, 80% of public debate is confined to policy choices which are are irrelevant if they do not happen! Two outlier examples. Michael Gove had innovative school policies, ruthlessly executed but disastrously communicated and so now largely abandoned. Gordon Brown […]

Brexit and Infinite Money.

50 years from now historians will be debating what shaped Britain in 2016 and these factors will shape the aspirant leaders, not vice versa. History is nearly always bigger than the people in it. One of these factors is what money actually is and what social purpose it serves? Only when there is a finite […]

Brexit: Too soon to celebrate or despair.

Clearly, we are in an avoidable mess which is very annoying.  Half the population is very sad, although it is a different half to a week ago. Here are some reasons to postpone  despair or euphoria. (Meanwhile, digital emotional messenger Bandoola hopes to create lots of new love which according to Quantitive Easing theorists will reduce […]